Gun Safety

The second amendment is not proposed legislation, it is an amendment to the Constitution. I believe that gives people a right to keep and bear arms. I also believe responsible gun safety regulations will make this right stronger and more secure for future generations. Therefore, I support the following:

  • Universal background checks. We have agreed that most gun purchases should be reviewed. It makes no sense to exempt certain forms of gun sales.
  • An expedited process to remove guns from those who are a clear danger to themselves and others. These so-called “red flag” laws are based in due process, but they provide a quick response to a potentially deadly situation. They allow a judge to issue an order to temporarily restrict a person from possessing a gun if that person is a threat.
  • I support investments in mental healthcare, another area with a history of bipartisan Minnesota support (Paul Wellstone and Jim Ramstad). I support placing more resource officers and counselors in schools and educating everyone on identifying the signs that could warn us a person is in crisis and may be dangerous.
  • We as a nation must strive with all our might to find solutions to these massacres of children and adults. If we don’t, we have lost our soul. What would America be with no soul?