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I love being an American and love being a Minnesotan. While I believe America is still great, like so many of you I am troubled with our politics.

Sadly, the Democratic and Republican parties are broken.

A truly independent US Senator from Minnesota is now an absolute necessity. In order to put America first, we need to start making America more important than a political party.

Being elected from a major political party inevitably means to be trapped. It means being confined within the guardrails of party policies. Being truly independent I have no obligation to any special interest group. I want nothing to do with being owned by a political base.


Why I am an Independent Candidate

I am not running as a Democrat, Republican or as the Independence Party candidate. I am independent of party, plain and simple. I choose this route because of my own personal makeup and because I firmly believe that due to party politics a crisis exists in the ability to govern ourselves amidst a deeply partisan atmosphere of rancor and discord. The absurd has become normalized. The foundation of a democracy and civilized culture is commitment to TRUTH and TRUST. These pillars are the real infrastructure that we need to repair. Our current negative and dysfunctional politics is not serving the people of Minnesota or the nation. The Republican and Democratic parties would like you to believe they are different from each other. Actually, they are more alike than different. They both continually remind you of your problems and then tell you who to blame for your problems. It is time to cleanse ourselves of party labels. (Read more)

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From Healthcare, to Education, the economy and beyond — Click here to read about where I stand on the policies that are of the most import interest to
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Click here to read the results of a life of hard work, determination and gratitude.

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Follow our campaign as we bring a message of true indepence to Minnesota. Click here to see where Jerry has been in the media.


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